Superior Crown Sled Dog Series

The Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race is thrilled to announce it’s partnership with our neighbors, two other esteemed Upper Peninsula Races, The CopperDog 150 and The UP200, to create the SUPERIOR CROWN SLED DOG SERIES!

Eastern Region – Newberry (event #1);

10-dog TC – January 7th-&-8th, 2023

Central Region – Marquette (event #2);

12-dog UP200 -OR- 8-dog MNR – February 16th-to-20th, 2023

Western Region – Calumet (event #3);

10-dog CD150 -OR- 8-dog CD80 – March 3rd-to-5th, 2023

For the inaugural year of this challenge, the three institutions have already committed to donating $1,000 each for a purse totaling $3,000. We anticipate this is just the start of something-grand, that will showcase the determination, opportunity, beauty, and history of a place many of us call home – all while supporting and advancing the sport of sled dog racing. We are driven by the enrichment, development, and vitality of our communities, natural resources, and trails systems. It’s our backbone. With that, the 2023 purse-breakdown is;

  • First place; $1,500
  • Second place; $1,000
  • Third place; $500

The “Superior Crown” will use a weighted point system that exponentially benefits mushers finishing closer to first place and at the same time ensuring great competition for teams that are battling for the same position independent of where they are relative to first.

Please note the difference in points between the 12-dog, 10-dog, and 8-dog events. For simplicity only first through 15th are shown – but the point system applies if there are 15, 51, or 1,551 teams.

The musher with the least amount of points will be crowned the 2023 Superior Crown Sled Dog Series Champion!!! It is also our intent that all participants that complete their three events in the series will receive an unique commemorative patch only available to mushers!!

Registration for the TCSDR 10 Dog, CD150, CD80, UP200, and MNR are currently open.

As always, because we can’t say this enough; hats off to our communities across the three regions of da Yoop, the fans, the volunteers, the sponsors, the mushers, and the dogs… Without you we are nothing. Again, thank you! Here is hoping you are as excited as we are about all this!! Make sure to share this spectacular news with friends and family because this coming winter will be one for the books!!