Race Information

Race Date: January 8, 2022

Purse: $9,000 link to purse breakdown can be found below

10 Dog Professional – ~34 miles*
6 Dog Professional – ~22 miles*
4-6 Dog Sportsman – 16 miles
2-3 Dog Youth Sportsman – 2-3 miles

PLEASE NOTE!!! The classes and distances have changed from previous years. The 10 dog pro race must be started with a minimum of 7 dogs in harness, so those who wish to run an 8-dog team may still do so in this class. Also note: there will be no designated dog drop, so all dogs must be either in the team or carried safely within the sled bag to the finish in order to avoid disqualification.

Registration Opens December 1, 2021! At the present time there are no state or local mandates requiring restrictions on the number of teams allowed. If this changes, entries will be accepted in order of submission, based on timestamp of online registration, until the maximum allowed is reached. Subsequent registrations will be placed on a waiting list.

*PLEASE NOTE the 10 & 6 dog professional classes have been rerouted this year due to logging in the area that have caused hazards on our normal route. As always, canine and musher safety are our first priority.