2021 Race Changes

The following changes are taking place this year due to the COVID-19 guidelines we are required to follow. Most, if not all, are temporary for this year only. There will be no Friday night or Sunday morning events, some changes were made in the effort to get everything accomplished in one day. Below are the changes as of 11/7/20. Please check this page frequently. Due to Michigan’s ever changing guidelines for COVID-19, more changes may be necessary to stay in compliance.

  • There will be NO dog drop this year
  • There will be no 8 dog class this year. However, you may start the 10 dog class with a minimum of 8 dogs.
  • The 10 dog race course has been decreased to 41 miles.
  • Due to the lack of a Friday night drivers meeting, vaccine records MUST be present at the race site Saturday and be available to the Vet Team at their request.
  • The 2021 race will be limited to 40 teams total (irrespective of class) in order to meet all federal, state, and local public health guidelines. After the 40 team limit is reached, a musher can register to be on the waiting list.
  • You MUST wear a facial covering when the Vet is at your truck, as well as other times where social distancing is not possible. No exceptions. Vet exams will be done the morning of the race as usual.
  • Before you enter the dog lot/staging area you will be required to stop your vehicle as you enter the Park to receive your race packet(s) and bib(s).
  • Spectators are not being encouraged to attend but as of right now, are allowed. Spectators will not be allowed to enter the dog lot/staging area.
  • To comply with social distancing requirements, side by sides and ATVs will be bringing teams to the chute. (With the possible exception of 4 dog and Youth)
  • There are a limited number of vehicles allowed in the dog-truck parking area. If you are bringing dogs in more than one vehicle please let us know that when you register.
  • Awards will be given at the end of the day at the race site.